Letter: Weather extremes not humans' doing

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Posted: Saturday, November 10, 2012 12:00 am

Didn't know there was man-made global warming in 1938!

I only had to read the first paragraph to get a chuckle out of the "Our View" in the Nov. 5 paper, blaming man-made global warming for Hurricane Sandy.

I have to ask the TH Editorial Board, was there man-made global warming when the Long Island Express of 1938 ripped up the New England area and killed 600? Or possibly humans caused the Cape May Hurricane of 1821?

Hurricanes have, and will continue to, hit the East Coast of the U.S. since long before we settled there. And the climate of the planet will continue to change, as it has for millions of years. Ask any geologist who has studied rock formations, and you will realize that the planet has heated and cooled since its creation.

Maybe the "editors" can explain to the readers just how there was warming and cooling on this wonderful planet when there were no evil, polluting, environment-hating humans to cause it.

Although I truly am sorry for the loss of life and property throughout the East Coast, it is an act of nature, period. And without being a fortune teller, I can tell you, "It will happen again!"

Editor's note: The editorial stated, "The storm is another example of more extreme weather, a pattern seen throughout North America, that many scientists attribute to climate change."

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